5 Pinterest Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Thursday, 14 January 2016

I have to say, I am pretty damn obsessed with Pinterest right now. One of the first things that I do when I visit a blog, after reading the post, is check out the blogger's pinterest account. (So make sure yours is accessible incase I check out your blog!) I've picked out my favourites out of the accounts that I've followed recently and organised them into five different categories so that you can choose which you'd like the best.

From 'accessorising' to sultry women, Molly Lyon's pinterest account holds many different boards that are packed full of hundreds of various pins, with the majority holding over 150. Some of my personal favourites of hers, are her 'Beautiful Photography' board, her 'All the Shoes' board and lastly her unique 'Say It' board, which is full of inspirational quotes.

I discovered Heather's pinterest after I was looking at who another person was following, so I could find some new people to follow. (Anyone else do that, or just me?) However, I was already following Heather's blog and so I was aware of her amazing photography skills, which lead me to checking out her pinterest account. Filled with enough marble, rose gold and perfect flatlay's for about a hundred bloggers, Heather has a really similar taste in high-end beauty and homeware that lots of others are into right now so she is definitely worth checking out. Plus, she is edging towards 500 followers on there, so help a gal out?

Obviously the founder of a gorgeous, boutique style online homeware store is gonna have a gorgeous pinterest feed right? Correctamundo. Abby (aka the owner of Lily Rose Co) is just on another level when it comes to #interiorgoals. With over 100 boards to gaze through, I could spend hours looking through her feed, from the many a DIY's right to the greenery. She really does have the eye for design, so if you're looking to redecorate a room or two then I'd highly recommend checking Abby out.

When you see my pinterest, beauty just seems like the simplest topic you could learn about as I just kind of stick all together in one board and hope for the best. But that's when Ellie steps in, catering for all whether you want to look at long hair, short hair, simple makeup or bold makeup, eyeliner or nail art - just know you're sure to find something that takes your fancy on Ellie's account!

         Lastly, we have the well know Kate of Gh0stparties - or Kate La Vie as she is now known. I'm sure you will have already followed her or at least heard her be mentioned in one of these posts before. But, just in case you haven't, I thought I'd be the 506487512th blogger to mention her again. In as few words as possible, everything she has, I want. Everything she does, I want to do. Everything she pins, I want to repin.

So there you have it, my five favourite pinterest accounts at the moment. If you have pinterest then do be sure to let me know your name or link so that I can have a peak at what you've been pinning recently?

Do you use Pinterest? What are your favourite things to pin?

Love Mollie x

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